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The highlights of the Order:
“Accordingly the court finds that (1) Phineas had never bitten before and (2) Phineas is excluded as the cause of the injury to [the alleged victim] on the date in question…This court hereby, in accordance with the above, enters judgment in favor of Pet“ My name is Phineas. On 12 October 2013 I was abducted from the boarding clinic. My family and friends don’t no whether or not I’m okay. I was stolen just days before my court date, I had hopes of being released that day after being locked up for the last 16 months.

On 25 October 2013 , the Judge that sat on the bench for the hearing returned his finding.
itioners, orders that Phineas be returned to Petitioners, and permanently enjoins the City from euthanizing Phineas.”

Judge Scott Bernstein 10-25-13

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On June 23, 2013. I began my second year in doggy jail for something I really don’t understand. Apparently, some politicians in Salem, Missouri think I should die for something they say I did a long time ago . They say they want to make an example out of me. I really don’t understand it but I appreciate all of you who are supportive of me and my family. I’m lonely and just want to go home, I want to play ball and run, I want to sleep at the foot of my kids beds and make sure they are safe. Please continue to share my page and my story with your friends because I need all the support I can get.”

Save Phineas

• Phineas is a sweet, friendly yellow Labrador Retriever dog, unjustly labeled vicious and given a death sentence by the City of Salem, Missouri. He allegedly bit a neighbor girl. The issue to date seems a 16 month saga of injustice, small town politics, personal vendettas and rumor with many collateral issues. Attempting to summarize with just the most basic of facts is difficult. Phineas is in his second year of city custody.

• During his first nine months of incarceration, Phineas was kept safely at DCAWS, a local no kill animal shelter. He was then quarantined by city officials in undisclosed locations. One of those locations had him caged in the dark and windowless basement of the old town firehouse with only a wooden shipping pallet to sleep on. Another location was the pump house under the town water tower. A third undiscovered location resulted in a public outcry which brought Fox Media and the Missouri Department of Agriculture to town, forcing the City to turn Phineas over to qualified veterinary care professionals. Cruel and unusual acts toward Phineas and his family, but those same seemingly sadistic actions made animal lovers around the world take notice. When these claims were proven valid, the support group grew from a few thousand to forty-thousand overnight and has since grown to 170,000.

• Despite the fact that Phineas was deemed not vicious by a behavioral expert and that the girl’s mother recanted her story about two previous bites, the judge seemed to ignore all testimony and sided with Salem, Missouri Mayor Gary Brown’s hearing report.

• While authorized by Missouri statutes to do so, the mayor refuses to initiate action to vacate the euthanasia sentence. Supporters hoped that having this story in the media as much as possible, having petitions signed and substantiating the facts would change the city officials’ minds. So far these actions have been returned with unprofessional ridicule and mockery from some city officials.

• The images used as evidence were presented to the media by Mayor Brown during interviews. Those images were also shared with the public. At a glance, many were dumbfounded. The alleged bite appeared to many as something other than a dog bite, impossible to have been made by Phineas. Public outcry grew. Confronted by Phineas supporters, city officials said “prove it.” Supporters set out to do just that. Experts in Odontology, Canine Behavior and Canine Bites produced analysis using industry standard methods. The independent studies are of mutual conclusion that Phineas should be excluded as the source of the alleged bruise/bite marks on the child. City officials and local print media once again ridiculed and mocked the efforts of the support group.

• A hearing for a 2nd Request For Relief Of Judgment filed by Phineas’ legal counsel has been granted. In a community this size, an impartial hearing seems impossible. The case will be heard by the same judge that passed sentence. However, legal counsel feels it is a positive sign that the judge has agreed to hold the hearing. Meanwhile, the appellate court has stayed its proceedings until after this hearing.

• Phineas’ story has been covered by Inside Edition, Fox 2 News, Fox Syndicates, St Louis Post-Dispatch, The San Francisco Chronicle, KSPR Springfield, KOLR 10, Ozark News, Associated Press, AOL Headline News, The Riverfront Times and various high profile online news portals. Phineas has a support group with more than 170,000 active supporters.

“from Phineas”
a poem by Mary Ellen Kane
In silence I sit and wait for you , To come and take me home
The pain inside hurts so much, And I feel so alone

What happened to the days before, Of playing in the sun
You throw the ball, I run, I fetch, It all was so much fun

Was it real, or just a dream, I really do not know
All I know is I'm sitting here, And missing you so

I hear voices in the hallway, And footsteps drawing near
My tail begins to wag, And magically you're here!

"There you are," I say, "You've come to take me home!" 
It's been so long, and truthfully, I've been so alone

We hug, we kiss, you scratch my back, I'm overwhelmed with joy
You reach around and present to me, "Oh a brand new toy!"

My family is so good to me, But then they start to cry
Oh no, please don't tell me again, I'm not going, but why?

They get up and say goodbye to me, Once again I sit alone
All I want more than anything, Is to be free, and go home ...

Written with tears and much love, for you Phineas by Mary Ellen Kane

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Phineas Reward

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